Running a sale. Yup. #free #epicfantasy #buymystuff #icommandyou

So, my series is on sale this week. (Also notice I’m playing with dedicated landing pages!) Hopefully this will introduce it to some new readers. The first book is free, and the others are discounted to $2.99. No hassle so far, which is nice.

In other news, I’m thinking of doing a series of posts on my hobbies. Probably someĀ would be on Minecraft, since it would be easy to grab screens for posts. That, and the MC community is enormous and very engaged. If they were to happen to come here, where I also present my books for sale… that can’t be bad, can it? šŸ˜€ Yes, it’s an excuse. Shut up. I’ll use it as an experiment on driving traffic using twitter. There. That sounds more justified, right?

Into Ruin is now finally (finally, finally, finally…) out!

Yes, book 3 of the series is now live. It was a heck of a long time in the finishing, but that struggle is now over. Feel free to buy it as many times as you like. Here’s the story description.

IR smallPrince Kyloth of Salentia and his companions are preparing themselves for the assault on
The kingdom of Salentia is preparing for war with a race who call themselves ā€œmetalgods,ā€ machine creatures whose power comes from the blood of their human slaves. Prince Kyloth is training himself in the magic he learned from the tribal survivors in the metalgodsā€™ lands, and Prince Reginald is hurrying to manufacture and refine Salentiaā€™s powerful war machines.

Prince Kyloth and his companions have already fended off an attack by one of the fiendish metalgods, but only one alone, one with no army to speak of. What will happen if the entire metalgod City turns its attention their way?

Unknown to any of them, an army of metal creatures is already approaching the shores of Salentiaā€¦

It’s up at Amazon and Kobo right now. B&N will be right along, as soon as they iron out things on their end. Can’t wait? Don’t want to risk a whopping $5 on an author new to you? Contact me and let me know you’re interested in a review copy, which I’ll gladly trade you in exchange for an honest review.


I’m assuming I’m spelling his name correctly. You know, the CEO who just got fired from Mozilla because someone dug up a smallish donation he made in support of putting Proposition 8 on the ballot in California six years ago? Well, being the news whore I sometimes am, I gots to opine.

I’m generally of the opinion that people should leave each other alone. I don’t support a ban on gay marriage any more than I support government control of who can or cannot marry. So when this guy Ike gets fired for having, not even expressing, just having, a belief on a political issue, you know political correctness has turned from annoying to dangerous. I’ve lived in a country where people are afraid to say certain things lest they be turned over to the authorities. I felt a lot of anger and pity over that. To be here, the so-called land of the free, and see a man hunted and dragged down for the legal thing he did in private, that puts me into a more dangerous mood.

If Ike had come out saying he thought homosexuals were disgusting animals, I’d understand. If he had come out and said that gay marriage was a blasphemy against God, I could still understand his firing. As a CEO you have to consider yourself as the symbol of the company at all times, and a business doesn’t owe it to you to carry the burden of your beliefs. If Ike had made any of this mess public himself, I’d be able to find a rationale to agree with his firing.

The reality of this case is more like an Inquisition, though. Ike has been made an example to the rest for something he did in private. Mozilla was too cowardly to tell its critics to leave private politics aside, and I don’t support companies like that.

Sorry, Mozilla, but I’ve uninstalled Firefox from 3 devices, as well as Thunderbird and Filezilla. If you can find the courage to let your employees’ beliefs alone, rather than dump them in pursuit of ideological purity, I’ll think of coming back. It doesn’t look pretty, though; Chrome is a lot nicer and more stable than the beta version I tried last…

BBI3 Coming Very Soon

This book is killing me. I’ve spent way too much time getting it out, and honestly I’m dragging a bit here at the end. Hugh Howey’s put a lot of wind back into my sails, though, so I’m expecting to release before the end of the month. All that’s left is to finish doing revisions on scenes, get a cover and sales copy done, and upload. Huzzah!

Updates and Such

I still live. I’m almost done with the next book and already have three ideas for a next one. 2013 probably will end up being my least productive year so far, so I’m determined to stomp that trend with boots on.

Much like our buddy Mary Sisson, I’m considering making a slight genre change. It won’t be so different that readers of both won’t be able to cross over, and it will let me play in the real world a bit. Yup, I’m considering taking the plunge into dark YA fantasy! I feel that I am more than broody enough for the task, and I’ve always wanted to write about obscure towns in my area. Mary Sue and I will get along famously, I’m sure.

So the year is looking to be a good one.

BBI3 Phase One, Year’s Schedule

Dear Readers,

So the next Bloodbound Iron book is nearly out of the outlining phase. I have a few parts to smooth, and then it’s into the writing. Depending on events IRL, it could be out of first draft a month after the outline is done. Totally finishing it after that would take perhaps another month.

I’m behind my two short stories a month idea, and I’m thinking of switching it to a monthly thing. It’s hard for me to sweep up good short story ideas when I’m sunk in the world of a novel. I have one I think will be good for this month, another humorous story, but I just don’t see me getting two into February.

I’m planning to release three more books this year. BBI3 is the first of those, and it will be #2 of the series (I know, I know). After that, I’ll either write #3 or switch to another story. I’d like to see what effect a change would have on sales, for one, and I’m also not sure where BBI4 will be going. I have to finish BBI3 before I’ll know that.

I’ve also been doing a lot of deep thinking about book promotion. I’m still deciding what that’s going to mean for me. Right now I’m doing Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and recently Google+. Anyone wanting to contact me can use any of those methods, sign up for the mailing list, or, ya know, mail me at That works too.

Stay Tuned

I haven’t had a lot of posts up on the site in a while. I haven’t even responded to comments (until today). Well, no more. I have a few posts in the pipes right now, and I’ll probably start releasing one well-considered post a week on a regular schedule. Ya know, because saying “probably” is a good way to ensure that it’ll happen.

I’ve come to a point where I think that the idea of zero promotion for any reason is a bad idea. The logic of it comes from the difference between paper books and ebooks. Ask me about it some time. Or maybe I’ll do one of those I-write-an-article-on-my-weblog thingies.

Anyway, to my many subscribers suffering from asphyxiation because you were holding your breath for the next post, the wait is over. Starting Friday. Probably.

Important news: My second book is out soon. You will all go and buy it on release day like one big glob of zombies chasing the last living piece of meat.

Pulling the Staples

So I just fixed a problem with the site that was proving most onerous last week. Is it completely better? No, but at least now I can use custom sidebars on everything aside from the blog page. The addition today was a superfun accountability meter. I’ma posting my progress from now on so that being tracked by my millions of silent fans will spur me to greater productivity.

The numbers on the meter are guaranteed to be entirely infallible. Where can this wondrous meter be witnessed? It’s on the fiction page and its daughter pages. I still want my email list to be on front (and, apparently, that puts it on the blog too).

Consider This Face Lifted

So I just finished switching the site over to having a static front page, and it was fairly pain-free. Eventually. Funny how when you keep getting pulled away, some kinds of problems take forever to solve, but if you tackle it without annoying human fleshbags asking for attention and affection, it’s just a matter of a couple of hours.

I haven’t checked my RSS feed to see if it’s broken, and I want to get my mailing list form on my front page, but other than that I’m happy. Did I have to work any css? No. Yes, sort of. I can actually write basic code, so copy/pasting code into a hand-holding plugin and altering one number was about as challenging as swatting a fly. Except my css alteration didn’t have amazing reflexes and a will to live.

Now to go see if my many millions of stealth fans are being deprived of an RSS feed and a chance to opt-in.